Choosing a Quit Smoking Day

One of the reasons why smokers have a hard time to quit their vice is because they don’t know when to start. It is very important to choose a perfect date when an individual plans to stop smoking because it will be the beginning of a life changing process as well as a good journey in life. It will also serve as the deadline of vaping days and a brand new start of meaningful and worth living days. Here are the two ways to plan a perfect quit day.

Self- Assurance

First thing that you have to do is to assure that you are ready and willing to quit without hesitations or second thoughts. This is very important because it will set your mind to specifically achieve a goal and that is the day you are totally a changed and better individual. A positive attitude is also essential since there will be complications that may occur along the process so a positive thinking will be a primary key.

Choosing the Dates

There are two classifications that an individual must remember when it comes to picking a perfect date. The first one is the list of dates that he or she must avoid and the second is the one he or she must pick.

Days or Dates to avoid

Maybe people are wondering why there such thing as days to avoid but the answer would be because of the level of stress and pressure they might provide that can really hinder the process of cessation. The examples are:

Big Events

Obviously when there are big events coming along the way, a large amount of pressure and stress are starting to build up such as graduation day, final examination day or marriage. These events can cause big stress that will only ruin your quitting plans so these are the occasions you shouldn’t pick.

Loss or Traumatic event

Death or accident in the family can really cause a lot of emotions that should be absent when you quit on smoking. Avoiding picking the dates such as death or a divorce so that you can have a relax time to start.

Meaningful and Perfect Dates

These are occasions that will give you inspiration as well as motivation on whatever you are doing and so they are the perfect dates to pick or choose from.


This special day is very meaningful and it would be more meaningful if you pick this one as your quitting day because it will serve as an inspiration to continue further with your endeavors and plans such as cessation.

New Year

This day is the occasion where most of the people make their numerous resolutions and it would be a great idea to list as one of your New Year’s resolutions is the stop smoking plan because this day symbolizes new beginnings and a brand new hope to do things on the right track.

These dates must be remembered in order to pick and decide on when to finally do or perform your smoking cessation.

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