Marriage and Engagement Infographic

You know something really cool? Infographics about our changing habits as a society. The good people at Executive Ice decided to research some stats about where we’re at in terms of getting engaged and then getting married and put it into an infographic.

The data is pretty interesting and shows that nowadays people would rather buy an engagement ring and show it off on social media that party with their friends.

Interesting, right?

And people still love diamond engagement rings, but other gemstones are definitely becoming more popular. I guess people want to be unique.

In fact that’s one of the things that people want in their engagement proposals – uniqueness. I’m actually in the market looking for the best place to buy a diamond engagement ring, so this was interesting stuff.

I don’t know when I’ll propose to my girlfriend, but we’ve been dating for a while so it’s probably time.

Anyways, check out the infographic below:
WeddingAn Infographic from Executive Ice about Engagement Ring Trends in 2017. Thinking of popping the question? Before you buy, find the best place to buy engagement rings in our head-to-head retailer showdown!

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